2008 LEV Conference, Taipei/Hsinchu, Taiwan
2008-03-25 (Susanne Bruesch)

The 2008 LEV Conference was held in Taiwan from March 15 - 19, 2008. The two-day conference in Taipei gave an overview of the latest market development, marketing strategies, technical updates, industry standards and rental systems. The follwing three days focused in EnergyBus and BATSO and were held in Hsinchu.

2008 LEV Conference, Taipei/Hsinchu, Taiwan

The first two days of 2008 LEV Conference took place during Taipei Cycle Show at the brand new Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan’s capital city. Experts from all over the globe provided excellent insights into individual markets, marketing concepts and the latest technological developments.

Three workshop days followed in Hsinchu and focused on the further development of EnergyBus and BATSO standards. EnergyBus is a standard for connecting electric components of LEVs. BATSO is a standard for battery safety and testing. In addition, rental schemes and battery vending machines were discussed in more detail.

The organizers of LEV Conference – ExtraEnergy, ITRI, TAITRA – would like to thank Welldone Company Inc., EXA Energy Technology Co., Ltd., PHET Pihsiang Energy Technology Co., Ltd., UL Underwriters Laboratories for their sponsorship and all speakers for sharing their expertise.

Did you know ...

… That around 100,000 pedelecs were sold in the Netherlands in 2007? That each of the 16 million inhabitants owns more than one bicycle, and that people easily spend 2,000 Euros or more on an electric bike?

… That Spain could be a large market for electric bikes used in tourism business?

… That China sold estimated 20 million e-bikes in 2007?

… That India is emerging as a new market for LEVs with a huge potential?

… That riding electric bikes is good for our climate?

… That the mayor of Stuttgart in Germany supports the setup of 500 battery vending machines to turn the hilly region of Stuttgart into a pedelec city?

… That EnergyBus standard connects batteries, chargers, motors etc. of different manufacturers with standardized plugs, communication protocol and energy management?

… That fuel cell development for electric bikes will be a lot easier with EnergyBus?

… That BATery Safety Organization released the first manual – BATSO 01 – for battery safety tests on March 18, 2008?

… That, in the future, ExtraEnergy test results will be evaluated according to the needs of specific target groups?

If you don’t know yet, you should read on.

2008 Program and Short Reports

March 15, 2008: Market and Marketing, Taipei
March 16, 2008: Technology and Standards, Taipei
March 17, 2008: EnergyBus Workshop, Hsinchu
March 18, 2008: BATSO Workshop, Hsinchu
March 19, 2008: Workshop on EnergyBus Plug and Standard Battery Systems for Rental Services, Hsinchu

Test Rides, Taipei
Table Presentations, Taipei

2008 Proceedings