March 16, 2008: Technology and Standards, Taipei

Experts introduced the latest achievements of battery and fuel cell technology, battery transport regulations, and the BATSO battery safety standard. It became obvious that an industry standard such as EnergyBus will make it a lot easier to implement new energy storage systems into LEVs. No wonder that quite a few lectures provided a closer look at the plug family, CANopen protocol and energy management of EnergyBus. The prototype of an automated battery rental system showed that such standards are absolutely necessary for the practical use of a public charging infrastructure.

March 16, 2008: Technology and Standards, Taipei

BATSO Battery Safety first!, Hannes Neupert, President ExtraEnergy, Germany

Sanyo Batteries for LEV applications, Nakatani Kensuke, Sanyo, Japan

EXA Batteries for LEV applications, Dr. YihSong Jan, EXA

Battery testing and life-time simulation models, Dipl.-Phys. Frieder Herb, ZSW, Germany

Design considerations of Li-ion battery packs and management system for light electric vehicles, Dr.
Yuh-Fwu Chou, ITRI/Welldone, Taiwan

Automated battery rental systems for pedelecs and E-scooters, Johanna Tiffe, industrial design, Germany

Legal requirements and practical advice for LEV makers and dealers on battery handling, Tim Schaefer, BATSO Project Manager, ExtraEnergy, Germany

Fuel cell products in mobility applications, available today, Kai Steckmann, SFC, Germany

EnergyManagement made easy with the EnergyBus, Dr. Mo-Hua Yang, EnergyBus, Germany

CANopen, the protocol behind the EnergyBus, Holger Zeltwanger, CIA, Germany

EnergyBus plug family and timetable, Melanie Wiederkehr, ExtraEnergy, Germany

Public charging infrastructure for EV's and LEV's in France, Bernard Guellard, EDF France