March 17, 2008: EnergyBus Workshop, Hsinchu

This day started with lectures on the current status of EnergyBus, cooperation projects, possible applications, and technical aspects. Lateron, the participants discussed the requirements for EnergyBus plugs, details of the energy management, and CANopen specifications of the protocol in small groups. The industry more and more regards the development of EnergyBus standard as an important condition for further market growth.

March 17, 2008: EnergyBus Workshop, Hsinchu

Chair: Mo-Hua Yang

EnergyBus idea and functions, Mo-Hua Yang, EnergyBus, Taiwan

Working items EnergyBus, Timeline, Melanie Wiederkehr, ExtraEnergy, Germany

Financial needs of EnergyBus organization, Hannes Neupert, ExtraEnergy, Germany

Fuel-cells for LEV applications, adaption issues solved by EnergyBus, Kai Steckmann, SFC, Germany

Security aspects of rental battery systems, Tomi Engel, Solare Mobilität, Germany

EnergyBus for battery rental and service, Frank Heitmeyer, E-Wheels, Germany

Strategies how to migrate the EnergyBus into existing and future LEV‘s, Daniel Tittel, Germany

Workshops on

• Plug family
• Energy management
• Communications

Presentation on the working group results

Discussion of future steps and targets

For more information on EnergyBus, please see