2010 LEV Conference in Cologne, Germany
2010-11-29 (Johannes Brodfuehrer)

The LEV Conference 2010 started two days ahead of the Intermot in Cologne and turned out to be a very cosmopolitan and important event. On both days of the conference the topics, ranging from marketing to regulations and technical solutions, engendered lively debate.

2010 LEV Conference in Cologne, Germany

This year's meeting in Cologne was attended by 74 guests and 18 speakers with 25 presentations. The attendance has been slightly higher in past years, but the 2010 event was the most international to date. Attendees came from Taiwan, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia, US and Germany to share their views on the latest developments.
The feedback of the attendees, most of them in leading roles in their respective companies, was very positive and many said they planned to be back next year. An impressive 88% rated the quality of the presentations as very good and helpful.

A detailed report to the conference can be found here.

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